Walking benifits

by Eloquence Condo Resort

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I wanted to talk a bit about the benefits of walking, we all know it is good for us but not only is it good for us it, it is the best tool for diabetics as well. I am a diabetic and whenever I feel that my sugar levels might be up more than usual i go for a walk. I have actually tested this theory of mine after my meal I check my sugar and then after I go for a walk and check it again and its a great result. So even thought we know walking is good and better than doing other activities  because you can see results for diabetics at least.

Other good things come from walking and some are:  It reduces the risk and effects of cancer, improves brain power (who doesn’t need that right ) we also want to be brain healthy. Also if you want to live longer walking will also add more years to your life. So my friends when you think of what a drag it is to walk think of all the benefits you will be saying no to by just taking a simple a walk. have a great day all… see you at walking time 🙂