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Month: July, 2012

Get Your Chocolate Fix!

Dessert without the Guilt?

It’s hard to find a sweet treat out there that satisfies a chocolate attack and isn’t a diet disaster. A lot of ‘low cal, low fat’ diet desserts are, to me, not even worth it.  The other day however, I stumbled upon a delicious dessert that left me feeling satisfied– and with little guilt! Made famous by the popular Hungry Girl blog, my first experience with VitaTops did not disappoint.  Of course I went for the chocolate, but they have so many great flavors to try! Click here to see all their flavors.

They all have around 100 calories and about 2 grams of fat. How is that for a delicious, and guilt free, dessert!




Comic Con 2012

ResortCom International’s San Diego home base is a great place to live and explore. There always seems to be something exciting happening in this city where the sun always shines, and one of San Diego’s biggest event of the year starts tomorrow– COMIC CON!

comic con international

This four day event has been taking San Diego by storm since the original convention in 1970, bringing in huge crowds, celebrities, and comic geeks alike.

So why is Comic Con so exciting? 

At the event you can find just about a little of everything– from seminars and workshops with comic book professionals,  exclusive previews of upcoming films, and even review sessions with top video game companies, San Diego Comic Con is a mind blowing convention. There is even a costume contest, so embrace your inner geekiness and dress up as your favorite superhero or comic book figure!

Taylor Lautner at Comic Con

comic con international