“Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a more successful existence.”

ResortCom International Wellness Committee

Started four years ago, the wellness program at ResortCom International was meant to invoke healthier lifestyles in ResortCom’s employees in response to the rising costs of health care and health concerns in America.

Since then, the wellness program has been in full swing–with around 7 volunteers, the program is small but mighty. “The idea of the wellness initiative is to provide  fun and informative activities and information for ResortCom employees that promote wellness not just in diet, but in all aspects of life.”

Overall, the wellness program strives to make ResortCom a place where our employees enjoy coming in everyday, wherethey can be greeted with a smile, and know that we care.

In fact, we are so interested in sharing information on living a healthy lifestyle, our committee decided to extend our reach beyond our immediate office, by creating this blog and spreading the word about healthy living.

– The ResortCom Wellness Committee