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Comic Con 2012

ResortCom International’s San Diego home base is a great place to live and explore. There always seems to be something exciting happening in this city where the sun always shines, and one of San Diego’s biggest event of the year starts tomorrow– COMIC CON!

comic con international

This four day event has been taking San Diego by storm since the original convention in 1970, bringing in huge crowds, celebrities, and comic geeks alike.

So why is Comic Con so exciting? 

At the event you can find just about a little of everything– from seminars and workshops with comic book professionals,  exclusive previews of upcoming films, and even review sessions with top video game companies, San Diego Comic Con is a mind blowing convention. There is even a costume contest, so embrace your inner geekiness and dress up as your favorite superhero or comic book figure!

Taylor Lautner at Comic Con

comic con international


Walking benifits

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

I wanted to talk a bit about the benefits of walking, we all know it is good for us but not only is it good for us it, it is the best tool for diabetics as well. I am a diabetic and whenever I feel that my sugar levels might be up more than usual i go for a walk. I have actually tested this theory of mine after my meal I check my sugar and then after I go for a walk and check it again and its a great result. So even thought we know walking is good and better than doing other activities  because you can see results for diabetics at least.

Other good things come from walking and some are:  It reduces the risk and effects of cancer, improves brain power (who doesn’t need that right ) we also want to be brain healthy. Also if you want to live longer walking will also add more years to your life. So my friends when you think of what a drag it is to walk think of all the benefits you will be saying no to by just taking a simple a walk. have a great day all… see you at walking time 🙂

Creating the WOW.

It’s quite obvious that being happy at work is essential to maintaining good overall health and happiness.

Most of us however, at some point in our careers, have experienced the feeling of being overworked, stressed, and frustrated in the office.  Often times this frustration at work can transfer to other elements of you life, leaving you feeling worn out and unhappy.

ResortCom has recently introduced a new initiative in our company culture, and is an idea that has been embraced by us here in the wellness committee. So much so in fact, that we had to share with the blogging world! This new initiative is simple: WOW.

The “WOW” initiative is an attitude that promotes growth , change, and an overall positive atmosphere in the office. Positive motivation comes from positive thinking, and positive thinking comes from a healthy mind.   This is the type of atmosphere we are trying to implement in the office here at ResortCom.

The initiative has been set in place to enhance all aspects of our work culture; from relationships, to atmosphere, customer service, and business strategies, the WOW initiative seeks to bring overall positive change and growth to our company and employees.

I thought I’d share with our readers an activity that we did here in our office to kick off this new initiative.

I present to you, “The WOW Board!”


This board was a great way to get everyone in the office to participate in sharing and brainstorming ideas about the WOW culture. We designed the poster in Illustrator and quickly and easily printed it off at a nearby Kinkos. We then hung it up in our employee lounge and provided post-its and markers that we placed nearby.

We asked everyone to think of one word or phrase that describes what a WOW atmosphere means to them. It was a great way to get everyone brainstorming and participating, and gave us some great ideas as we continue to implement this new initiative at ResortCom.

Sometimes all it takes is a little team spirit and new, creative ways of thinking to begin to make big changes – and healthy ones!

-The ResortCom Wellness Committee

You Are What You Eat?

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday!

To get this blog rolling, I wanted to share something that has been a long topic of discussion in the wellness committee and has strongly affected me.

Recently, there’s been a lot of discussion and debate regarding meat, particular red meat, and its roll as a contributor to cancer, heart disease, and other deadly diseases. (If this is the first you’ve heard of it, just Google it–plenty will come up).

Personally, it was a topic I’d heard about and had taken and interest in, but I’m naturally not much of a meat eater so I didn’t research into the topic much.

Well for all you meat eaters out there– think twice before ordering that burger on your lunch break.

We watched as a group the eye-opening documentary Forks over Knifes.

Forks over Knifes is largely based off the best-selling book, The China Study, which compilies the extensive findings of Dr. Colin Campbell.

Campbell’s argument, and the position that is taken in the documentary, argues that a whole food, plant based diet is the key not only to preventing several diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes, but switching to this diet can actually reverse your chances of suffering from these illnesses. Animal protein, on the other hand can onset these diseases. Essentially, the right nutrition is man’s greatest medicine.

The strictness of the diet is severe, but the documentary provides extensive evidence of various research and case studies where adopting this whole food, plant based lifestyle can have an outstanding impact on your health.

Forks over Knives

After watching the documentary and conducting my own research, I decided to become fully vegetarian and cut back on dairy as much as possible. You have to do what’s right for you– if you’re a big meat eater, don’t go in cold turkey, rather take small steps. Even implementing “Meatless Mondays” or being more conscious of what you eat can make huge differences in your health and well-being.

To get you started, I have a fantastic recipe I wanted to share! This is next on my list to make. 🙂 Veggie burgers are a great alternative if you’re looking for a heartier, filling meal. You won’t even miss the meat!