To Chew or Not to Chew: The Chia Seed.

by Eloquence Condo Resort

A few weeks back, my mother gave me a call telling me she had sent a new ‘superfood’ in the mail: Chia Seeds.

I’m guessing many of you, like me at the time, are confused and have no idea what a Chia Seed is.

After receiving my package and trying out this mysterious Chia Seed myself, I liked them so much I decided that spreading the word was absolutely necessary.

Chia seeds have been dubbed an ancient Aztec superfood, extremely high in anti-oxidants and omega-3s Chia Seeds are essentially nuts, and the perfect addition to a healthy and balanced diet. The seed packs in 11 grams of fiber per ounce, as well as calcium to help build strong bones. The also have been found to aid in preventing diseases and give you a natural energy boost.

Perhaps most exciting, the Chia Seed is a natural appetite suppressant, and therefore has been thought to help assist in weight loss. It helps you cut cravings and stabilize your blood sugar, filling you up and helping you not over eat.

Search the web–everyone is raving about Chia Seeds. Of course, there are a few skeptics out there, especially when it comes to Chia Seeds aiding in weight loss. Regardless of their ability in helping you loss weight or not however, Chia Seeds are still a fantastic and healthy addition to a balanced diet.

Try sprinkling them on your cereal or yogurt in the morning, or adding them to your salad at lunch!

Chia Seeds

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